Read More About My Extensive Demolition Service!

I founded my company, Nunez Pro Hauling Demolition, in 2023 and started working as the local demolition contractor catering to every residential customer in Los Angeles, CA who needed help! I have 17 years of experience, and countless people will appreciate that immensely, just as they have until now!

Extensive Demolition Service

Extensive Demolition Service

Through and Through is How I Work

Sometimes my demolition service can be simple and done within a few days. Other times, it takes a lot more work. It all depends on what you want demolishing and how well we can work out our schedules. And I know that sometimes demolition is not preferred during the day, so I can also work overnight for convenience! I will work with you and adhere to your demands!

People Expect a Good Value System

My company is licensed, and I like to advertise that because people want to work with legitimate companies and professionals. As a demolition contractor, it is my job to please my customers in every way, so I offer free estimates and warranties. I want everyone to know that my value system of perfection and caring for the customer has been as strong as the day I started working!

Call Nunez Pro Hauling Demolition at (323) 481-3313 and ask about my extensive demolition service! I can help in more ways than one if you ask for it! I can knock down any structure, clean up after myself, and haul everything away. It’s easy to have everything you want from one person, and if you live in the Los Angeles, CA area, I can be that person for you! Just call me!

Services List

  • Residential Demolition
  • Commercial Demolition
  • Debris Cleanup
  • Hauling Services