As a Leading Demolition Contractor in the Area, I Can Help You

Nunez Pro Hauling Demolition provides demolition contractor to its clientele, primarily business clients. I offer and own specialized equipment to demolish and dispose of debris, equipment, salvage, and other hazardous and non-hazardous items. At the same time, the plant is completely shut down, partially shut down, or fully active. I use the most recent tools and innovations the market has to offer. Investment recovery must be used in most commercial demolition projects in Los Angeles, CA.

How I Work

I am qualified to destroy various structures or facilities, whether the projects are large with many service considerations or small with a single service demand. Whether your property requires equipment recovery or destruction, being a knowledgeable and sympathetic technician at commercial demolition service, I will provide the resources and assistance you need to complete the task. I have a solid reputation for offering precise and efficient demolition and digging services that are both safe and cost-effective.

Why You Should Work With Me

Using specialized equipment and procedures in Los Angeles, CA, Nunez Pro Hauling Demolition will safely complete your demolition job and remove hazardous and non-hazardous debris. My expertise is getting through final inspections, gaining approvals and permissions, and negotiating with city representatives. Thanks to my vast demolition knowledge, I follow the rules to ensure quick completion. Being an expert can give considerable work performance with excellent craftsmanship, regardless of your demolition contractor project.

I want to become known as the demolition crew that is the industry’s most dependable, adaptable, and cost-effective. Contact me at (323) 481-3313.